Chevy Cobalt Recall – it would of only cost General Motors 57 cents to fix a defective ignition switch linked to 13 traffic deaths and over 100 serious accidents.  After years of deceit and denial, GM finally agrees to a recall. Are you impacted by this issue?

Did You or a Family Member Take Actos? – this diabetes drug can cause bladder cancer.  Big verdict in Louisiana against Takeda and Eli Lilly for failure to warn consumers of the risk. Are you affected? Remember to always look for a black box warning on your Rx. Trust your EPIC pharmacist to help advise you.

Retailers – shopkeepers are permitted to detain suspected shoplifters in order to recover the illicitly taken merchandise.  The detention should be just brief enough to allow for recovery.  At that point, the person held must be set free or can be arrested by law enforcement or store security (BTW, Nordstrom’s has a great security team and always goes to Court).

Crosswalk – the local police are setting up crosswalk stings; sending an ‘injured ped” slooowly through the crosswalk hoping you will let him pass then drive behind him BEFORE he gets to the sidewalk or median.  The law says you have to WAIT the whole way until he exits the crosswalk.  Be cautious.

Landlords vs Squatters – Maryland’s highest court has ruled that staying in a vacant home without payment or consent of the owner can constitute theft by deception; it is no longer just trespassing.

Marijuana and Sobriety – it is too early to talk about.  I handle many DWI/DUI style cases; I will keep you posted on how the Courts and Police address these actions.

Estate Planning after the Defense of Marriage Act – Maryland recognizes same sex marriage; the Supreme Court has also agreed that you are protected under Federal law. Be aware of these new provisions.

Musings: California Chrome! Orioles in 1st place at the quarter pole; keep up the intensity and get everyone healthy.  From John Wayne: “Look everybody straight in the eye and never double cross a pal.” And of course, a Happy 5-oh to the Class of ’82.  Tempus fugit…John CM