The victims of Child sexual abuse must have their voices heard. Throughout my twenty-six years of practice, I have personally settled several substantial claims on behalf of victims against the Archdiocese of Baltimore and their related institutions. It is imperative that we continue to collectively bring sexual abusers to justice and I remain at your service for a confidential review of any potential claim you or a family member may have.

Just this month, it was revealed by a Grand Jury in Pennsylvania that some 300 predatory Catholic priests victimized and abused over 1,000 child victims. A Baltimore connection was revealed in the report, notably a priest named Arthur Long. Reverend Long was transferred out of Harrisburg to Baltimore in the 1980-1990 time periods. His transfer was authorized by William Keeler, the late Cardinal from Maryland. There is also a District of Columbia connection, that of conspiracy and cover-up by the D.C. Archbishop, Theodore McCarrick.

These cases are very difficult to pursue for a variety of legal and personal reasons. If you just want to understand your rights or the rights of a loved one, give me a call for a confidential no-charge consultation.