As we approach October 1, several new laws go into effect in the Old Line State.  But let us pause and return to 1791, when our constitution was amended to include ten new articles, one being the Second Amendment to the Constitution.  It states: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.  Twenty-seven words and 222 years later, our democracy is divided on what these words mean.  Will we find a balance that attempts to prevent tragedies while still allowing Americans to defend their home and themselves? Will our two party system stop fighting and provide meaningful compromise? For now, know that new regulations and restrictions go into effect next week.  Call for specifics.

Driving and Texting

You will also be reading that effective 10/1/13, the ban on cell phone and driving is now a primary offense.  This means that the police can pull you over for chatting while driving, they do not need an unrelated offense. Fine is $75.00. Seat belt violations, also a primary offense, are up to $50.00.  Child safety seats are now mandatory for all children under 8. NEWS FLASH: NEVER TEXT OR CALL ANYONE YOU KNOW IS DRIVING.  In New Jersey earlier this month, their Appellate Court outlined a first of its kind legal duty that can actually make a remote texter liable, in certain circumstances, for accidents caused when a driver responds to his or her text.  Set the example for our children: no phone when the school bus is next to you.

MUSINGS: Hats off to the American Engineers who brought the Italian Cruise Ship, The Costa Concordia, back to equilibrium after listing for almost two years.

Men of Fiction: who are you, Tony, Don or Walt?

My Irene said I need to represent, pro bono, the gentleman arrested at the Baltimore County school board meeting for speaking out.  I wondered why a Howard County resident whose kids go to school in Howard County was there in the first place.  Your vote?

Congrats to the new class of Master Masons of Amicable, may our brotherhood strengthen through the seasons of our life.  To the ECSM, many thanks for your friendship.

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