Dear Clients & Friends,

Legal Chat:  Whether you are a staff pharmacist for a major drug store chain, a sales specialist for a computer software company, an independent service contractor, the director of a non-profit group or a meetings planner extraordinaire, Employment agreements have become a standard business requirement.  The general purpose of this contract is to protect the employer’s client list and territory while still allowing you to earn an income and retain your individual rights to further your personal, professional and financial goals.  These contracts are often one-sided and may even contain provisions that are legally unenforceable (certain limitations in a non-compete may be illegal but you may consent to them inadvertently).  When you speak with me, I explain the law and provide negotiating options based on your personal needs.  Do not limit your future choices; by understanding the law and your legal rights, you can negotiate fair and equitable terms with your employer.  FYI, I also write these contracts for several employers, so I can give you feedback from both sides of the aisle.

RECALL: Lacrosse Helmets Recalled by Easton Sports Due to Facial Injury Hazard

Saving Lives: April is National “End Distracted Driving Month” and I need your help.  I am one of over 800 trial lawyers, judges and safety professionals who will be lecturing to High School students and Civic groups in all 50 States and Canada on the dangers of distracted driving.  We have a program developed by a consortium of national safety experts that is not just educational, but a poignant and compelling examination of this national problem.  If you are in the educational field, have a teen getting ready to drive or one headed to the Prom, please help me get this message out and have your school principal call me to schedule a presentation.



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Be well.   John CM